More lace and knitting


I think I have purchased every vintage lace item in the city. Didn't mean to. I was actually at the thrift shop looking for Halloween costume items for the girls. Really! But I had to go to the linen department because, well, I was there anyhow so I didn't really have a choice! Just so happened they had some gorgeous new vintage lacy tablecloths... And I did need a curtain for the kitchen door!!

I was feeling pretty good about myself with my pile of lace and so I decided to visit just one more thrift store where I found the biggest bag of vintage sewing supplies!!!! A huge, (and I mean Big), bag of beautiful old lace, rick rack, and ribbons all from the 40's or 50's. The lady who donated it must have loved sewing. Everything was in perfect condition. It feels like a very special gift. A true treasure.

And see? I really am knitting! I don't just shop. My hot pink scarf is well under way. Couple of more nights and she's done. Oh, and yes, I actually did get the basis for a flower fairy costume for my oldest. ("A "sexy" flower fairy, mom!") Sixteen...


  1. What a sweet table cloth! Would look fantastic with yellow too:)