Childhood Vintage

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Hard to believe that things I remember from my childhood are vintage now. Crazy to think. I have this sudden love for everything, well maybe not everything, sixties and seventies. Getting old perhaps? It started with a folklore teapot that reminded me of skiing holidays in Austria. Then came the vintage Pippa case with seventies flowers. Not expensive, but had to have it. Same with the casserole dish and teacups. Obviously their purchase required an entire overhaul of cabinet organization (including removal of doors in order to display), while receiving constant requests to actually (can you imagine??) use these pieces from my girls, but sooooo worth it. I enjoy not knowing where the next piece will come from, or when I will run into it. I love that I can afford these pieces since they are thankfully not expensive. I find them in second hand shops in town, or online at places like eBay or Etsy. My tiny little teacup was $3.50 and shipped from france! Nice.

During my internet 'research' and travels I keep running into other childhood finds. The excitement of it all!! Since we moved to Canada from Holland when I was 12, there are many things I haven't been able to show my girls. Until now! None of it is important really, yet luckily they find all this retro stuff, including my stories about when I was 'their' age, very cool and interesting. Well, most of the time anyhow. I found an old birthday card of mine from the seventies in a big stack of old schoolwork. I loved the artwork and started digging around looking for more. Turns out they are sold for only one to three (!!) euros at online auctions in Holland. Yet another sweet collection!

I just about lost my head when I found my favorite girls magazine, Tina. I remember my two sisters and I had to share the weekly subscription and the constant fighting over who got to read it first. I can't wait for Yvonne to read this and see the covers. Do you remember?? I can't lie, I bought 11 issues from 1974 and 1977 for 1 euro each from a man in Belgium of all places, haha. What will I do with these? I have no idea, perhaps frame the covers?? Teach the girls dutch? Yes, that batch was the first and will be the last. I have not completely lost my mind.

Now for the grand finale, and this is for Mom. Remember your Marion sewing magazines? You always had piles of them and we used to cut out the pictures or copy them cause we wanted to draw just like the illustrator? Can't believe I ran across them also. I even remember the covers. Incredible. The illustrations are gorgeous.

I will continue poking around to see what other treasures I can come up with. In between all the other fanatical hobbies, work, and girlies.

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