Japanese Craft Style books

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I have been eying both these books for a while now. These and other Japanese craft books. When these two titles were published in English I knew it was time to purchase both Patchwork style and Linen, Wool, Cotton. I wasn't disappointed when I sat down to take them both in. The photography, styling, and projects combine to make you want to race to your fabric stash and start a project, any project.

My favorite quilts from Patchwork Style above and below. I love how they are imperfect and incorporate a collage of different sized fabric scraps. Even the smallest bits of fabric can be used to create a truly individual project.

Of course I love the Slouch bag from Linen, Wool, Cotton, you know me and my (crazy) weakness for bags. Pretty sure I will sew up a jumper (below) as well.

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  1. i have both of them - it is so great to get these books in english! i am looking forward to them publishing more. alas i have not got round to making anything yet, i just look at the pictures and dream......