Snowflakes and doilies


Gorgeous white paper snowflake and lacy doily inspiration! White is soooo beautiful.

Top to bottom: Taverne Agency, Martha Stewart, Lobster and Swan, Ravenhill, Burda, VT Wonen.


  1. Hello! Your grannysquare blanket is so lovely! I decided to crochet my own. I'm only a beginner, so could you please help me with some questions?

    1. How did you sew the squares together - just with a needle and the white blanket wool (of which the blanket is made)? Or somehow else?

    2. What is the pattern of blanket's edge? Could you please explain in the same way as in post "granny square pattern"? I like it a lot and want to copy your way.

    3. What did you do with the yarn ends? What does "weave in" exactly mean?

    Thanks a lot in advance. Yesterday I prepared one prototype square of your design:
    I am going to buy lots of colors and start my big challenge :D

    Aga from Poland

  2. Hello!!

    1. yes, with needle and the same yarn used to crochet. I just did a simple whipstitch to join. (on the top)

    2. Very simple edge, first a round of sc, then for round 2 I did *2 dc, chain 3, 2 dc* in every fourth sc. Row three just one more round of sc.

    3., If you can't find this just search for "weaving in yarn ends"

    I couldn't see the picture of your prototype but would love to! Wishing you lots of luck and fun on your blanket!!


  3. Hello Sandi!

    many thanks for your reply! I ordered yarn, it should be on Monday - and then I will instantly start my blanket :))) i'm so excited. I will show you the results of my work :)

    see you :)