More (white) Christmas inspiration

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I know, how hard am I trying when I keep posting inspiration from one source? But I am trying, I am! So even though I might be taking the 'easy way out' cause work is just not leaving me much spare time right now and I barely have time to knit or decorate for Christmas or blog or... okay, got a bit carried away and I will stop my rant now. Seriously though, I truly love these pictures and had to post more from Taverne Agency. :)

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  1. Its okay if you didn't have time to do the full links to the pics you posted. It takes a lot of time and you know what? Nobody (except a few blog snobs I won't name) even cares.

    You are doing a beautiful job making the blog look wintery white, snowy and magical. Good job :D Thanks for blogging the pics!

    michele aka crafty cameleon