Fröken Ö Style

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I have been loving Swedish Josefin's blog, Fröken Ö, for quite some time. It is always a beautiful, almost poetic read but the imagery of her world is breathtaking. A world filled with adorably smoochable children (including a brand new baby boy born just a few weeks ago!) and an absolutely gorgeous drool worthy home filled with vintage treasures. A woman of impeccable style.

I had a very tough time cutting the amount of images I wanted to post down to a reasonable amount (haha, I know, maybe not so reasonable but you know me and posting massive amounts of pictures) since I love them all. So for those who have not yet discovered Josefin's blog (not many of you I am sure) go check out the inspiring pictures I was forced to leave behind...

1 comment

  1. thanks for introducing me to such a beautiful blog! she has such a wonderful collection of treasures in her home.