Japanese pattern prep day


I spent most of Saturday afternoon tracing Japanese sewing patterns... various books and as many "on my list of things to sew" patterns. Just so they would be ready to go when needed. Not lying, I was a tiny little bit scared of the tracing process and trying to make sense of the Japanese characters. Turns out there was no need to be afraid, the patterns are labeled clearly and with the proper tracing paper the job was a cinch.

The only potential issue I see looming is that the patterns look very, very small... As in a L and LL still look daughter Annie size... tallness and presence of chest do not seem to be pattern friendly, :). Will have to creatively fudge in order to get the right fit. I will do up a couple of styles using bedsheets, then go from there. Wish me luck...


  1. Have you added the seam allowances? That's somethings I wasn't aware of when I started sewing with japanese patterns